Innovonics, inc.

164 Division St
Suite 317
Elgin, Il, 60120

Phone: 847.888.0967
Fax: 847.841.3360

Manufacturer's Representatives

Innovonics Inc is a manufacturers representative for electronic and electrical automation compononents. We cover Illinois and the northwestern corner of Indiana.


Cable - Ethernet & Fieldbus
Cable - Multiconductor Flexible
Cable - Superflex® for C-Tracks
Cable for VFDs - DRIVEFLEX®
Cable Glands
Conduit - Flexible Nylon
Connectors- Metal Rectangular
Connectors - Overmold M12/MIN/NANO
Contactors / Starters
Current/Voltage Relays
Energy Meters
Ethernet Connectors/Switches
Flexible Nylon Conduit
I/O Link Sensors
IP69K Sensors
Metal Threaded Nylon Fittings
Mini Circuit Breakers
Nylon Conduit Fittings
Panel Interface Connectors
Power Supplies
Push Buttons / Pilot Lites
Sensors - Capacitive Proximity
Sensors - Inductive Proximity
Sensors - Photoelectric
Servo Cable Assemblies
Solid State Relays
Timers and Phase Relays

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